A Full-Service Property Inspection Company

Gadget Home Inspection Services in Worcester, Massachusetts provides property buyers or sellers with a range of real estate solutions to help facilitate the buying or selling process.  As a Buyer, use our Comprehensive Inspection Report to help evaluate the level of investment needed to close on time.  As a Seller, use our Comprehensive Inspection Report to evaluate the repairs needed to  the property before listing for sale.  We have been assisting our valued clients with up-to-date and efficient inspections because our professionals understand the importance of full disclosure.  We approach each inspection with a focus on honesty and efficiency.

What We Do

As industry leaders, its important to stay abreast of up-coming technologies and processes the increase the efficiency and the accuracy of our inspections.  We continuously analyze market trends to provide our clients with the most up-to-date services.  As such, we offer a complete range of solutions that help in making your transactions go smoothly. Apart from a thorough inspection, we offer a variety of ancillary services including:

  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Testing
  • Water Quality and Quantity Testing

Why Choose Us

We employ a team of experienced technicians who effectively handle any inspection work. We leverage our technical experience and a teachers approach in providing our clients with a knowledge based experience.  We strive for our clients to understand every aspect of their inspection.  


We pride ourselves on making our work an enhancement to your real estate transaction. Schedule with us today for a comprehensive property inspection!